Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Accredited CME events

Accredited CME events help healthcare professionals maintain and assure high level of theoretic and clinical competence. It is an opportunity to improve one’s professional performance and present the results of new clinical research to ensure better and safer treatments for patients.

A+ Science, in collaboration with University Hospitals, provides expertise in accreditation of CME events. To date we have assisted in the accreditation of 80 CME events.

Distance learning CME

A+ Science can also assist in the accreditation of e-learning CME activities. Such educational activities are cost efficient and since the access is 24/7 it is ideal for those running short of time.

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Upcoming events

CME provider

Accreditation of a CME activity requires submission by a CME provider, who has to be a scientific or academic entity, such as: an international or national professional medical society (associated working groups or affiliated societies), university or a teaching hospital.