A+ Science was established in 1997 as a subsidiary to Gothenburg University. It gradually became a full service CRO in the region. The story began when Björn Dahlöf, Peter Held, Åke Hjalmarsson, Olle Isaksson and Karl Swedberg, all dedicated researchers within the cardiovascular field, formed A+ Science. The liaison to the academic world distinguished A+ Science from many other CROs.

The forming of the company was the result of a clinical trial idea, designed and further developed by Björn Dahlöf. The study was named ASCOT and   20 000 patients from five countries were randomized. Publications in The Lancet in 2003 and 2005 led to changes in the guiding principles and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The selection of services expanded as the number of customers increased. By now the company proved experience within several therapy areas and from studies in both early and late phases. Even medical device studies were successfully completed.

The Stockholm office opened on 1st of January 2001, where many of the company’s customers were located.

Year 2003 part of the ASCOT study was stopped due to benefit and the results were published in The Lancet. The design of the study and the company’s ability to handle large clinical trials provided great success in both realizations and results. The study was highly debated.

The same year the company conducted another multinational study called ACCOMPLISH. A+ Science collaborated with several of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Year 2004, A+ Science started working with Continuing Medical Education (CME) in collaboration with the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. A+ Science assisted in the accreditation procedures of organized educational sessions for physicians. The primary purpose of the CME activity is the provision of educational material of a medical nature to doctors, with the aim that they will achieve educational benefit. It is expected that, as a result of this educational process, patients also will benefit from the lessons, applied in practice that their specialist doctors have learned.

Outsourcing of consultants has been a part A+ Science’s business idea; the company introduced the outsourcing services to the market, providing short and long term solutions to companies in need of insourced consultants

Year 2006, A+ Science became listed at the stock exchange “Aktietorget” through Vita Nova Ventures AB and the organization expanded. A+ Science had 55 employees and a comprehensive network of study sites with physicians throughout and beyond the Nordic countries.

The expansion of the business continued with the acquisition of Northern Sweden Clinical Research Institute AB (NS-CRI). NS-CRI had close research cooperation with University of Umeå, especially within clinical trials in oncology. Moreover the organization had existed for nearly ten years.

During the same year A+ Science acquired Sedoc Pharmaceutical Medicine AB with offices in Stockholm and Lund. Sedoc PM was established in 1995 and conducted mainly studies within phase I and II, and therefore complimented A+ Science´s extensive experience in late phase studies.

Year 2008, A+ Science extended its services with City Site and provided clinical research personnel and premises for clinical trials. Apart from being a research unit City Site provided resources to investigators, research sites and clinics.

Patient recruitment is identified as a critical factor in keeping clinical deadlines; A+ Science acquired parts of NMCT and their expertise concerning patient enrolment. NMCT personnel, databases and technical equipment moved to the Gothenburg office.

During year 2010, organizational changes were carried to simplify the structure of the company. The different subsidiaries, A+ Science Clinical Services AB, A+ Science Outsourcing AB and A+ Science Enrolment AB became A+ Science AB.

Collaboration between A+ Science and University Hospital of Umeå (UHU) commenced to assist in accreditation of CME educational events.

In 2012 the subsidiaries A+ Science AB, A+ Science Stockholm AB and Scandinavian CRI Holding AB have merged into A+ Science Holding AB to simplify the structure of the company. Today A+ Science Holding is named A+ Science AB.

During the same year, the office in Gothenburg was shut down and business was focused and concentrated to the Stockholm office. The changes were done in accordance to the market demand, the company had to adapt to those changes.

Since December 2013, A+ Science is a CRO run by its employees. 2014 surely gave us a lot of lessons, as we faced a lot of challenges during the year. But nothing beats the motivation and the dedication of the solid team at A+ Science.

The Management of A+ Science salutes its staff for their loyalty towards the company which led to the positive results in 2014.

2015 followed last year’s positive pattern, another year with satisfactory growth and positive results. Majority of the company's ownership is now among the company's employees. We have worked actively to achieve profitability in all our business areas with help of strong commitment from all the employees of A+ Science, creating an organisation with good working environment, skills development and job satisfaction to deliver excellent services to our new and existing customers.

Once again and like the last consecutive years, 2016 was also a year with positive outcome. We achieved profitability within all our business areas with strong commitment to deliver high qualified services to our new and existing customers. Majority of the company's ownership is now among the company's employees and gathered in a joint shareholders' agreement with the aim of retaining ownership to company employees.