About us

A+ Science is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO). We provide services in clinical trials for pharmaceuticals (phase I-IV) and medical devices. For more than two decades we have been performing clinical trials for small, mid-size and big pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. We also offer broad expertise in pharmacovigilance (PV) services both during clinical trials and after marketing authorization, such as EU/UK QPPV, signal management and PV audits.

Our core expertise is in the Nordic Countries, however through our close collaboration and partnership with other CROs, we cover several other countries. We have a broad track record and  have worked in trials within most of the therapeutic indications. 

Through close cooperation and continuous dialogue with customers, our services can be customised according to your needs and requirements. By being flexible we can provide a complete solution or support within specific areas and activities and hence offer cost efficient services.

Our customers are pharmaceuticals, generic, biotech and medical device companies, as well as Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) located in Sweden, Europe and USA.

We have been involved and part of the clinical research which has made a difference in the lives of thousands of patients.

A+ Science is member of SwedenBIO,  ASCRO,  EUCROF and LIF.

Since December 2013, A+ Science is a CRO run by its employees. Our vision is to Earn Trust - Make Difference.

What is a clinical CRO?

A Clinical CRO (Contract Research Organisation) is a service organisation that provides support to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as medical devices. CROs contribute to the development of new medicines that improve health and quality of life for patients. That work is mostly summarised in an activity called clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are used to determine the safety and efficacy of new treatments in patients. The new treatment is tested in several stages and must be beneficial for patients to be accepted and marketed. A clinical trial cannot start without the approval of independent ethics committees and competent authorities.