POINT Study System

A+ Science proprietary, POINT study system, is a web-based computer system the aim of which is to support and cover the main parts of a clinical trial. The system has a built-in audit trail function and supports modern web browsers. The system has been reviewed and approved by Data Protection Authority and is in accordance with Personal Data Act.

Gathering all aspects of a clinical trial in one place is an ideal solution, one system, enabling a clearer picture of the progress of your trial. Point study system provides one entry point to all data and offers a possibility to predict the number of randomized patients in order to meet the requirements stated in the study protocol. 

Here are the main features of our centralized system:

Call center application
The call center application is a customised feature built for each study. There are built-in functions that enable creation of patients and possibility to add questionnaires with exclusion rules.

This is a set of functions used for the planning of the staff at the clinic as well as the booking of patients’ visits.
The system provides functions to define a visit using different staff categories i.e. doctor, nurse, etc. An example of a visit definition is a 20-minute doctor visit followed by a 30-minute nurse visit.
Depending on the staff and the working hours, the system can create timeslots with visits matching the study protocol. This booking system forces the user of the Point system to always follow the study protocol and ensure that there is staff available at the clinic.

The Point system has built-in functions for creation of CRFs. The CRFs are connected to the visits. When defining CRFs in the Point system, it is possible to add rules that excludes a patient depending on what is answered in the CRF form.

Lab data import
The point study system has a built-in lab data import function. A lab data file is exported from the lab and mapped into lab data tables in Point.


A statistical tool is used to get statistics from each clinic and study in total. The statistics tool can be used to predict the number of randomized subjects. 

Patient homepage
The patient homepage gathers all information for the subject, i.e. status, informed consent, entered CRF data as well as lab data.