Outsourcing of Consultants

Our consultants are dedicated to help your company succeed with the performance of your clinical trials.

When we outsource a consultant you are not only provided with a resource, you also get a function, an in-house competence. Contact Eva Fredriksson to learn more about our custommade solutions at A+ Science.

We are flexible and can offer you short and long term solutions, according to your needs.

We outsource:

  • Clinical Trial Assistants
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical Research Managers
  • Safety / Pharmacovigilance Assistants
  • Safety / Pharmacovigilance Associates
  • Safety / Pharmacovigilance Managers
  • Other relevant staff within the field of clinical trials or pharmacovigilance


Regular follow-ups and continuous communication between the customer, the consultant and the A+ Science Outsourcing Manager concerning the progress of work ensure a professional collaboration. Our consultants:

  • range between junior and senior levels 
  • hold at least one academic degree
  • are quality controlled by our Clinical Quality Manager
  • are part of an organization that values well-being and individual needs
  • are part of a regular training and educational program in order to keep them up to date and provide the customer with professional services