Clinical Trial road show, Linköping

June 14, 2011

Sal Eken, Campus US, university Hospital, Linköping,14.30-17.20.

If you are looking for a free crash course providing you with the basics in clinical trials, this is it. The organizer SwedenBio is independent and makes sure the content is up to date and valid. The seminary will help you understand the clinical trial process, responsibilities, and contract and agreement should you consider hiring a consultant (a Clinical CRO). It is also an excellent opportunity to network, especially if your new.

Speaking at the seminary about good clinical practice (GCP) is Ola Jeppsson from A+ Science. He has many years in the industry and would gladly introduce you to the people he know.

To learn more, download program and register at SwedenBIO (in Swedish, new window).

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