CAFE-LLA study presents principal results

January 27, 2009
The CAFE-LLA* study prospectively examined the impact of Atorvastatin** (10 mg once daily) on central aortic pressures in hypertensive patients. The therapy did not influence central aortic pressure or hemodynamics in these patients. In other words the favourable effects of Statins on cardiovascular outcomes in hypertensive patients are independent of large-artery function and central pressures.

The article was published in Circulation January 15, 2009 and was the second article of five. A+ Science has contributed to the study with statistical operations and analyses.

CAFE-LLA is an ASCOT*** sub study. Ascot made evident that the risk of heart attack can be reduced significantly by combining a cholesterol-reducing drug, Atorvastatin calcium, with a blood pressure-lowering drug, Amlodipine Besylate. A+ Science participated in the planning and conduct of the ASCOT study.

*CAFÉ-LLA, Conduit Artery Function Evaluation–Lipid-Lowering Arm Study.
Impact of Statin Therapy on Central Aortic Pressures and Hemodynamics: Principal Results of the Conduit Artery Function Evaluation-Lipid-Lowering Arm (CAFE-LLA) Study (Circulation 2009;119:53-61.)

**Atorvastatin is used for lowering blood cholesterol and a member of the classification of drug called Statins.

***ASCOT, Anglo Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial

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