Clinical trial symposium held in Morocco

January 17, 2008
A+ Science played an important part in a clinical trial symposium held at the Faculty of Medicine in Marrakech Morocco. The discussion centered on how Morocco could become a competitive player in the area of clinical trials. The collaboration between A+ Science and several key representatives from authorities, Ethics Committee, universities and interest groups managed to reveal issues needing attention as well as promising opportunities; knowledge that given time and collaboration could make Morocco an important contributor to clinical research.

The symposium, initiated by A+ Science and managed by Morocco based CRO Ki2, was attended by representatives of Morocco’s three Ethics Committees, the Moroccan Health ministry, the President of the Moroccan Cardiovascular Association, along with professors and representatives from the Medical Faculties of Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh, among others. The intention was to increase awareness and knowledge and to further improve on the collaboration between parties vital for the success of clinical trials in Morocco.

Speakers Ahmed El Rhali, Anders Hellgren and Professor Björn Dahlöf from A+ Science shared their experience of clinical trials from around the world. Together with, among others, Professor Farid Hakkou speaking for the Ethics Committee Casablanca and Professor Mohamed Alami speaking for the Moroccan Cardiovascular Association, the symposium managed to paint a colorful picture of the issues facing Morocco today.

In short Morocco faces issues not much different from other countries that recently begun conducting clinical trials. Naturally the culture of Morocco characterizes the issues somewhat where parallels can be drawn with other parts of Africa.

Ahmed El Rhali, Head of Data Management and Statistics A+ Science:
”As the clinical trial activities Continues to flock towards emerging countries, Morocco Presents an attractive alternative with its centralized healthcare system, its recruitment potential and its geographical location, close to most European R&D centers.

Moroccan journalists attended the Symposium and wrote an article that can be read in L'Economist (written in French).

Stockholm 17 January, 2008 A+ Science AB

For further information: Pirkko Sulila Tamsen, Senior Vice President, A+ Science AB, +46 8- 564 88 242

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