Gothenburg office houses GCP theme day

September 15, 2008
In the beginning of September, one of four GCP theme days, organized by the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, took place at A+ Science offices in Gothenburg. About 80 people attended seminars headed by several interesting speakers, among others Gunnar Danielsson from the MPA.

The seminars presented some new ideas and tools that will most likely simplify and improve the compliance of GCP; New educational initiatives, generic study templates and examples of both good and bad GCP efforts. In summary, an informative and successful meeting.

The remaining meetings will be held October 2nd in Lund, and November 13th in Stockholm. We recommend attending if you have not already. However at the moment it is for members only and the number of seats available are limited.

For more information visit Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (in Swedish, opens in new window).

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