GU-Holding declares A+ Science their best investment yet

December 01, 2010

1997 marks the start of an international clinical study that some years later stopped early for efficacy. That study was also the start of a Contract Research Organization that investor GU-holding decided to be a part of. The investment came to be GU-holdings best investment yet, an achievement they decided to award November 17, when celebrating their 15th anniversary. Björn Dahlöf received the award on behalf of A+ Science and the founders.

The study was initially meant to be coordinated from the Sahlgrenska University Hospital/Östra. However the project grew in scope and a company, later named A+ Science was formed. The study came to be known as ASCOT, involving close to 20 000 patients at 700 sites in 6 countries. A+ Science managed data management, endpoint handling, core lab, study administration, overall study logistics, some monitoring and filing to FDA.

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