Vita Nova Group acquires NMCT’s patient recruitment

June 25, 2008
A+ Science AB, the subsidiary company of Vita Nova Ventures has today reached an agreement to acquire part of the business activities in the bankrupt estate of NMCT AB in Gothenburg.

The acquisition will be held in a newly established subsidiary company to A+ Science AB with the proposed company name of A+ Science Enrolment AB. The core activity is to facilitate patient recruitment in clinical trials through media and computerized support, logistics programs and a unique patient data base. The company can also offer a range of services which facilitate the administration and logistics of clinical trials.

“The services of NMCT have been greatly demanded and appreciated. The company’s 10 year operation has involved consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry worth 250 million SEK. A+ Science AB is looking forward to add NMCT’s services to its current offerings of consultancy services” says Göran Wessman, CEO of Vita Nova Ventures.

”Successful patient recruitment is often the key factor in accomplishing a successful clinical trial” adds Krister Arlinger, who is one of the founders of NMCT and the new Acting President of A+ Science Enrolment AB.

A+ Science AB and A+ Science Enrolment AB will offer employment to approximately 10 former NMCT employees. Together with their technical equipment and databases, the staff of A+ Science Enrolment AB will move to the same premises as A+ Science AB at Haraldsgatan 5 in Gothenburg. The move will take place on the 3rd of July 2008.

Gothenburg June 25th 2008
Vita Nova Ventures AB (plc)
Göran Wessman, CEO

For further information:
Göran Wessman, CEO Vita Nova Ventures AB and A+ Science AB, +46 (0)708-16 14 50

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